Anatomy of a Viral Post: How to get 300,000 re-pins on Pinterest

331,000 Pins on Pinterest is Nothing to Cry About.

Back in November, Shareist member Christy just started a new blog on Shareist, It's targeted toward moms, and through her wit, honesty, and design skills, not to mention having a bunch of great ideas that other moms love, Christy has created a popular blog in just a few short months.

One post in particular, 100 Photos to Inspire Your Holiday Cards is about as epic as I've seen up close and personal in my years of publishing.

She published it in mid November, and it very quickly went viral on Pinterest. In less than two months, that page has seen almost three quarter of a million views, and received more than 330,000 pins on pinterest.

Here's how she did it...

1. Know your audience

Christy is a mom and a homemaker. And she knows what other moms are thinking about in November. What the heck to put on this year's Holiday card. Christy built an amazing post of Christmas card ideas that is irresistible for any parent to scroll through.

2. Go above and beyond

Christy could have stopped at 10 or 20 pictures and had a great post. But she went after a hugely ambitious post -- 100 images. That in an of itself makes the post amazing, and then there's the content, which is great too.

3. Make it fun

Christy has a great sense of humor, sometimes self-deprecating, that is just fun to read. She puts in the right amount of text mixed with images, adding commentary where it works. Why is America's Funniest Videos (one of the most successful U.S. TV shows) so popular? The videos are funny, but it's the mix of Tom Bergeron's voice-over on top of the videos that makes it laugh out loud funny.

4. Make it personal

Scattered in the list of pictures that Christy included is some of her own. And along the way she tells her story and makes it personal.

5. Give Credit where it's due.

Christy included some of her own photos, but most were found on the web. Christy reached out to every picture owner that she could find to get their permission for her to include their photo. This resulted in many of those photographers thanking her publicly, and linking to her post from their blogs.

6. Time it right

This one's pretty obvious. A photo about Christmas card ideas is going to be in high demand during the holiday season. This page was timed perfectly.

All of these things added up to a massively popular post that was at its peak seeing thousands of visits per hour in traffic from Pinterest.

Check out HarvardHomemaker for more amazing stuff. She takes her posts seriously, and you can see how much effort goes into making some amazing content as well as  what must be a pretty amazing home.

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  • Wow, how fun to have this pop up in my inbox today! I'm so appreciative of all the kind words... you have been so awesome to help a (clueless) newbie like me get started. As you know, I shopped around quite a bit before deciding to use Shareist to power my blog, and it's been such a good experience in every way. Thanks for answering all my (million) questions!! Never thought I could be an "example" of how to do things?! Clearly, it's your influence. :) Thanks again.

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