Better Handling of Wordpress Featured Images

Featured images are becoming a much more popular feature used in Wordpress themes. Wordpress has had the concept of a featured image for a long time. In Wordpress, you specify a special image for a post.

in Shareist pages, we've always allowed you to put an image (or anything) above the title on a page. But this doesn't translate well to Wordpress where the theme controls where the title is displayed vs. the page content.

In Wordpress, many themes use the featured image for this, displaying that image at the top of the post, and also sometimes as the image on the homepage.

Previously, we simply copied the first image on the page into the featured image on Wordpress. This works well on some themes, and not others. Particularly not when the theme puts the featured image at the top of the post, that first image gets displayed twice.

Now when publishing to Wordpress, you can choose how we should handle the featured image. You have three choices: Use and display first image, Use and hide first image, No featured Image

These are selected here:

  • Use and display first image - This is how Shareist has always worked, and is the default.
  • Use and hide first image - This will use the first image as the featured image, and will not include it in your Wordpress post. To remind yourself of this, you may want to put the image above the title, which is likely how things will also look when publishing to Wordpress. Note: If the first image is a link element, the that image will be used, but it will not be hidden. See below.
  • No featured image - Don't copy any image to the featured image in Wordpress at all.

If you change this setting, the setting will be remembered next time you publish to this blog. The setting is saved per blog.

What's considered an image?

When publishing to Wordpress, Shareist will attempt locate the first image on the page. It may be an image element, or it may be another type of element that has an image. If there is a link element with an image associated with it, Shareist will use that image as the first one. However, it won't hide it as that will probably break the intended display of the link on the page.

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