Blogger Learning Opportunities November 2014


If you're a blogger. Or want to be one. That makes money. You should read this.

In the next several days are a number of opportunities for you to learn all about how to make money blogging, drive traffic with content marketing, and protect yourself with the correct legal disclosures.

Tomorrow, Thursday November 13 at 3pm EST you can learn all about blogging and the FTC. What does the Federal Trade Commission have to do with bloggers anyway? What can you do to keep yourself out of trouble. Hint: It's easy. Our own Ashley Coombe will be talking all about it. Sign up here for free...

Next Thursday November 20, at 1pm EST, join us at Shareist for a session on how to get all your content marketing done in 30 minutes a day. This is the presentation we've done at a number of blogging and affiliate conferences. Register now for free...

You may not know this, but before Shareist, I made a living through affiliate marketing for 10 years. And at Shareist, we've always wanted to create a training program that teaches all the ins and outs of blogging, social media, promotion, traffic generation, and especially monetization. Therefore, I'm thrilled to partner up with Ashley Rader of Blog Genesis Academy to offer a special introductory price of $1 to check it out.

This is the course I would have created myself. And she includes a number of lessons on Shareist.

With Shareist's tools and Blog Genesis Academy's training, you will be unstoppable.
Sign up here. There are only a few days left to get in...

I hope you can take advantage of these great offerings.

Scott Jangro

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