Capture and Convert More Visitors with a Lightbox

If you are marketing something, you have a single purpose in everything you do. That's to get your visitors to do something, take an action after you've got their attention.

For example, you probably hear this advice over and over: start an email list. Capture the visitors that come to your website and read your content. "The money is in the list."

You should always tell your visitors what to do next in your content with a call to action at the end. And you can link to a place for them to take that action. And you can put these actions in the navigation and sidebars, and you should do these things.

But one of the best ways to get users to take action is with the use of a lightbox. You've seen them. They're the popups that appear over websites that require you to do something, or close it.

Now these can be really annoying, especially if they pop up right away before you have a chance to actually read what was on the page.

But there's a reason that people use them, because they work. And there are ways to be less annoying, like wait several seconds. Or wait for the user to get to the bottom of the page, or move the mouse up to the top of the page indicating that they are getting ready to leave.

In Shareist, to help you capture visitors most effectively, we've added a lightbox feature to Shareist project websites. We've taken an approach that will pop up for the user when they seem to be leaving the page. And we'll show it to them only once.

Setting up a Lightbox in Shareist

If your Shareist project is configured as a website, you can add header and footer scripts. These can be used to insert any third party javascripts, including some from services that may provide lightboxes for you.

Shareist now has a build-in lightbox tool where you can put your own promotional text or form, like an email signup form, that will appear whenever the user is leaving the page.

Go to the Project > Site Scripts page, and insert any HTML code into the Lightbox scripts textarea.

Enter any code into that box. In the above example, that's an AWeber email capture form that was created on that service. Note: don't create one of their lightbox forms, just a regular form. Shareist will take care of the display of the lightbox.

To test, you can check the "Always show" box, which will make the lightbox appear for every page. That's annoying, so don't leave that on. You can also test by putting your browser into "Incognito" or "Private" browsing mode so you won't get a cookie set that indicates that you've seen the form before.

What to use it for?

There are lots of reasons to use lightboxes, anything you want a new visitor to see.

  • Email capture
  • Event promotion
  • Ebook giveaway

Anything you want your visitors to act on can go in a lightbox.

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