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We had a great webinar with Constant Contact today, and a few questions came up that we realized would be good for all of our users to review. These blog posts answer the questions, and will probably teach you something about Shareist you didn't already know.

Make sure to scroll all the way to the bottom, there is a special free gift for you! 

This webinar shows what we do at Shareist Monday-Friday to manage our social media and our clients' social media in only half and hour a day. 

Content Marketing and Social Media in 30 minutes a day - YouTube

Did you know studies say the operator of an airport control tower is the occupation that requires the most decisions made in any given minute? It's a high stress position that requires someone to be alert and make thousands of huge and tiny decisions each hour. A wrong decision could result in the loss of lives.  If you own a business and are trying to manage your own social media or you manage the social media of several businesses, you probably feel like you have a lot in common with an airport control tower operator. Okay, maybe your wrong decisions won't result in a loss of life, but sometimes your clients act like it! You're probably juggling so much it sometimes feels like drowning. 

The following post shows you how to take advantage of the time slots. Scheduling out your posts and keeping your social channels active allows you to focus on creating bigger, more valuable pieces of content rather than scrambling to post each day.

Content Curation is a hot strategy right now. It allows you to remain consistent, be the expert, and create huge amounts of content without spending huge amounts of time. But is it a copyright issue or offensive? 

We've never run into a problem with it. In fact, we've typically experienced the opposite, where individuals are thankful because we're helping them grow their audience. We are careful to credit the authors, and tag them when possible. Read more to learn the legalities behind curation:

Will Facebook penalize posts from Shareist because they are coming from a third-party app? 

We hear this question often, because of a confusing announcement from Facebook a few months ago. The short answer is no, Shareist posts will not be penalized, because they are explicit posts. Read the longer explanation here:

Shareist makes finding content to share a breeze, because of the RSS Feed, and the Content Recommendations tab. Initial set up can be a little confusing. Here are the steps to follow to make sure it's done correctly:

Are you working with two or more companies that could benefit from sharing an inbox? If so, here is how to do it! 

We're often asked if we have a mobile app so people can save an article they're reading on their phone into their Shareist inbox. We don't, but this is how we work around it. When you connect Pocket to Shareist, anything you add to pocket will either show up in a stream in your research tab, or go directly into your inbox, depending on how you set it up. 

Follow these steps to make that happen:

We allow you to alter Creative Commons images inside Shareist. Read the following post to see how you can do it legally, ethically, and politely: 

Topic based or current event based recap posts are one of the ways we are able to create so much content in so little time. Follow these four steps to begin using the strategy to keep you and your clients' blogs and social consistently active:

Free Gift!!

We're also throwing in a free gift for our friends at Constant Contact. Ashley recently wrote a book, "30 Tips, Tricks & Tools - to Save You Time on Social Media and Blogging" and you get it for free! Simply visit her blog to download:

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