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We used to think drawing eyebrows on babies was the BEST THING EVER. We were wrong, it's definitely this.

If you do any amount of content marketing, and especially content curation, it can be a lot of work to find great stuff to share to Twitter, Facebook, other social channels, as well as email and blog posts.

Shareist has long had the Research area where you can add in your own RSS feeds as well as other keyword-driven feeds of content from various sources like Google news.

Today we're announcing an integration with Swayy.co, a content recommendation service, and we're pretty excited about it.

All you need to do is capture at least three links into the Shareist Inbox via the bookmarklet or directly in the interface, and that will be enough data to start getting great recommendations of content on your project dashboard and in the Research tab.

Choose links that are relevant to your project and your audience to get the best recommendations. And the more you capture and share, the better the recommendations will get.

See recommendations on your project dashboards.

Get a more exhaustive list of recommendations in your research tab.

What's great about this is not only do you get some really great content to read and share every day, but each of your Shareist projects will have its own list of recommendations. So if your projects vary in topic, you'll get relevant results for each, rather than all together.

Use this to quickly schedule great content to your social media channels. A further advantage to doing this from Shareist is that everything you share is saved in your inbox and social reports from which you can quickly create recap posts and emails, and send those out.

Curating to social media, creating curated posts, and recap emails is all part of a Quick Content Marketing strategy.

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