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The new social network, Ello, has everybody talking. And clamoring for invites. They're even selling on eBay for tens, even hundreds (really?) of dollars.

Businesses are starting to catch on as well.

Ello is invite only, but the good news is once you get your invitation by begging for it on Facebook, and create your own personal account, you can then invite yourself and get a second account for your business.

Here are the steps to setting up your business account.

  1. Create an account with your business email, and grab your brand name (before someone else does).
  2. Add your logo as a profile picture
  3. Add a header graphic that's fun. Or at least nice to look at.
  4. Don't be the guy who ruins Ello for the rest of us.

Easy right?

So what's a business to do on Ello?

Let's start with what you're not going to do, such as ruin everything.

don't post promotional stuff.

On a new social network, you're not going to suddenly reach thousands of people who want to buy your product or service. They aren't there.

don't be spammy.

You're not going to get a bunch of new followers by following them first. Following is because you're interested in someone. Not to let them know you exist.

In real life, this is called stalking. People hate that.

Here's what happens when you do those things, which @heyapp and @onairplayer learned the hard way. (hopefully.)

Onairplayer, you're doing it wrong.

Most of the responses to them are too profane to post here.

And similarly, this...

Meeting people is easy. So is making them hate your guts.

Here's what following almost 8000 people got them.


So what then?

Ello offers a unique opportunity to be personable and build a presence on a network that's still figuring itself out. Be fun. or Funny. Post pictures. Make jokes. Engage with the people there who are bleeding edge kinds of people who appreciate a brand who doesn't take themselves too seriously.

Here's Netflix being ironic.

Everybody's figuring out what a new social network that's a combination of twitter and tumblr, so it's ok to fumble around and figure things out. It makes you seem more real.

Just keep in mind that there is a raised level of sensitivity to bad behavior on Ello.

The most successful people and brands on Ello are simply engaging with the other users there who are also figuring things out.

Then there are the guys who make a mess and ruin things.

Don't be that guy.

But isn't Ello's Against Ads, and therefore Brands?

There have been a number of people who have spoken against brands and businesses going anywhere near Ello.

Like Ben Brier saying that the Ello manifesto is a...

"...digital “No Trespassing” sign covered in so much barbed wire that it may induce tetanus just by looking at it. Unfortunately, brands don’t always think this way. They think in pure reach and impressions, forgoing the importance of engagement and sentiment."

It's true that brands don't always think this way and they just promote and promote. These are the ones who should probably stay away.

But other brands do get it and build an army of followers, even friends, who fall in love with a human side of a brand, if there is one.

I think there's a place for that on Ello. Apparently one of the founders of Ello thinks so too. Here's his business page. On Ello. @budnitzbicycles.

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