Everything You Publish is for Conversion

Everything you do online is to influence others, to get someone to take action.

All content you publish online has a purpose to convert, whether that’s a sale, lead, comment, like, retweet, subscriber. It may be something obvious like a big buy now button, or subtle like a probing question inviting a comment.

The style you write in has a lot to do with how well your content will convert. If your voice is passive, or you’re speaking in the first person, you’re not reaching through the page to the user. Write as if you’re speaking to one customer, one person.

If you are not prompting, even directly asking, someone to take action then you’re squandering that creativity you’ve spent and the interaction that you have earned.

Content without conversion is nothing.

The books in the graphic above are by author Robert B. Cialdini, who is a leading author on the subject of influence psychology. Every marketer should read his books.

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