Feeling Overwhelmed by all the Recent Facebook Changes? Here's What you Need to Know.

Facebook is rolling out several changes as we type! Here are three changes you need to be aware of:

1. The first is likely the most important to your business. Facebook has announced a redesign for a while now, but few business users have actually had the redesign go into effect. Facebook announced this week that all pages will be automatically change to the new design on June 6h if they haven't already.

See what you need on your page to prepare for this change:

2. Facebook is giving you more insight into your users. At Shareist, we are addicted to audience insights. We love to know more about our users so we can create a better product for them. This feature is slowly rolling out to users. As soon as you have it, you will be able to see a ridiculous amount of data on your fans.

Household size, income level, education level and relationship status are just a few of the stats you'll be able to view. 

See a sneak peek here:

3. Certain types of posts from third party apps will no longer appear on Facebook newsfeeds. They are called **implicit posts**. Fortunately for us, posts shared through Shareist are **explicit**, meaning they will not be affected. 

For more detail, and to see what types of posts will be affected, read this: 

Here is Facebook's original announcement:

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