Discover Exactly What Your Audience Wants

We did an exercise as a team today during which we identified the biggest problems our audience was facing.

One of the problems we came up with is that it’s really tough to come up with ideas for content to share and publish.

Then to validate our assumptions, we talked with some of our target audience and asked if they would say that’s a problem. 

They said it wasn’t. And I was shocked. 

We dug a little bit deeper. Then we discovered why. 

It’s because they’re publishing content once a month. So for them, it’s easy to come up with content for that once a month post. In fact they've got too much content.

It hadn’t occurred to me that some people may find once a month publishing to be adequate. 

It made our brainstorming and outreach session very informative. Knowing this, we’re better able to serve our audience.

Have you tried this? Have you brainstormed with your team about your audience’s greatest pain points? Have you tried asking them?

Also, we're curious to hear from you too. How often do you publish content? This can be a blog post, newsletter, or how often you try to post on social media. Is it more than once a month? Comment here or on our Facebook Post

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  • We're constantly publishing content, at least twice per day on the blog and many times per day on social. As per our most recent reader survey, our audience thinks 2-3 blog posts per day is just right, and the more we post on social, the more active our audience is.

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