How I Use Shareist, Part II: Writing Blog Posts

This is the second part in a short series describing how I use Shareist. Sometimes it just helps to see how someone else does something to get ideas, or that small push in the right direction.

  1. Capturing ideas, thoughts, bookmarks, and freeform writing
  2. Building Blog Posts (and publishing them)
  3. Building Email Newsletters, ready to send
  4. Sharing any of the above on social media

 Last week I talked about capturing ideas into the Content Inbox. Now I'm going to take some of those ideas and incorporate them into a blog post. If you missed that post you can read it here: How I use Shareist, Part I.

Promote an Inbox item to a page

As I go through my every day activities, and I see a blog post, or I get an idea for a post, I capture it either into my Shareist Content Inbox, or sometimes I'll use a tool like Readability or Pocket.

Typically, my own ideas, I've captured as a quick inbox note. And the first step is to turn one of those into a Page. When I capture ideas, I put some keywords in the text that I can search on to find them. Here I search on "post idea" to find what I'm looking for.

Then I click the add to notebook icon, which starts a new page.

Build the Page

After adding the Inbox element to a new page, and I choose a title, I now have a page to build. You're not left with a big empty text box to type in. Instead, you can build your page up, one element at a time. Some text, images, videos, links, tweets to build up the story you're telling.

Check the Settings

Once you're finished editing (or even before you're finished editing), you can set some things like the page URL, categories and tags in the Settings tab.  Here is also where you can set the publish date to be in the future.

A published page with a future date won't become visible until the date and time you set.

Publish it!

When you're all ready to publish your page, move on to the Publish tab.

Here is where you can publish your page right on Shareist, or you can connect up your other websites, like Wordpress, Tumblr, Drupal, Typepad, and others.  You can publish your content any where you want.

Share Your Page on Social Media

Once you have published your page, you can now share it to your social media channels. If you've connected Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, you can easily and automatically promote your page to those channels. If you use Buffer, you can even send your updates there.

And that's it.  You've taken some ideas captured earlier, written some great content, published it, and promoted it through social media all in one workflow.

The content remains in Shareist to use for other purposes.  For example, I wrote this as a blog post, and I'm going to repurpose it for an auto-responder series for people who sign up for Shareist. That may be you.

Next time I'll talk about publishing to a newsletter.

If you have any questions or feedback, please hit reply and let me know.


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