How I Use Shareist, Part III: Building Newsletters

This is the second part in a short series describing how I use Shareist. Sometimes it just helps to see how someone else does something to get ideas, or that small push in the right direction.

  1. Capturing ideas, thoughts, bookmarks, and freeform writing
  2. Building Blog Posts (and publishing them)
  3. Building Email Newsletters, ready to send
  4. Sharing any of the above on social media

Last time we went through building blog posts. If you missed that one, you can read it here: Building Blog Posts.

I use Shareist for a lot of different things, but I think my absolute favorite application is writing email newsletter content.

Talk to any internet marketer and they'll probably tell you that the most effective marketing method is still email.

If you're getting traffic to a website and you're not doing something to capture your visitors on an email list (or somehow), you are squandering opportunity.

The problem is, writing newsletters can be a major pain. Collecting content for them is one thing, then formatting it nicely is another. And these two activities aren't terribly cohesive.

Wouldn't it be great if you could build the newsletter over the week by capturing ideas, building up content over several days, and then have it ready to go on newsletter day?

You can. And you can save hours off of your newsletter production time by capturing your content directly into the same page that you just export right into your email service provider's HTML interface.

I've written up a "Shareist for Newsletters" page which goes through the process.

Check it out here:

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