How to Capture Links to the Shareist Inbox

The Shareist inbox is a content repository where you can save ideas for content.

Once you capture something to the inbox (it can be text, video, a link, a tweet, anything...) you can use it for sharing to social media, writing blog posts, newsletters, and even eBooks.

Also, after you capture links to your inbox, Shareist will be able to offer you content recommendations in the research tab.

There are four ways to capture links to a project inbox in Shareist:

  • The Research Tab
  • The Capture Button
  • The Bookmarklet/Chrome Extension
  • Email

We've done videos for most of these. Watch them below.

These videos are in the context of the Content Marketing work we're doing for "Kevin" who owns the ActiveGearReview website. If you would like to follow along with that entire process and learn all about how to monetize your websites with content marketing and affiliate marketing, there's a link to sign up at the bottom of this post.

Getting Started in Shareist with Research - YouTube

This tutorial shows you how to get started in Shareist by creating a project and setting up your research tab to get content recommendations.

Capturing Links and Other Elements to the Shareist Inbox - YouTube

How to capture links, videos, text, and more into your Shareist project inbox

Installing and Using the Shareist Bookmarklet - YouTube

Learn how to capture web pages from around the web with the Shareist bookmarklet. Use these pages to share to social media, create blog posts, email newslett...

Want to watch more of the content marketing work we're doing in a partnership with Prosperent on Kevin's ActiveGearReview website? We're being completely transparent about the process we're going through, and it's a great opportunity to learn how we do content marketing.

Read here to learn more and get on the email notifications.

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