How to Publish a Newsletter to Constant Contact with Shareist

1. Connect your Constant Contact account to Shareist

In your Settings > Connect page, add a connection to Constant Contact. After clicking "Add", you'll be redirected to the Constant Contact site for you to approve Shareist's access to our account. Just enter your username and password and your account will be connected.

2. Create your newsletter in a Project Page

Using the easy Shareist Page Builder, create your newsletter content.

Use links and images that you've captured over the past several days to provide a recap of the best stuff you've talked about, enter text, anything you'd normally put into a newsletter can be done very quickly in Shareist.

The benefit of doing this in Shareist is not only the quick content creation leveraging the elements that you've been capturing into your inbox, but you can also publish your newsletter page elsewhere, like on a blog or even right on a Shareist public website page.

3. Publish to Constant Contact

Once your newsletter is written, you can send it right into Constant Contact without cutting and pasting, or even leaving Shareist. Just to into the "Publish" tab in the page builder, and publish it to your Constant Contact connection. Set the Campaign Name, Subject, and contact information for the from: fields.

4. Review and Schedule

Now your newsletter has been sent to the Constant Contact system for your testing and review. It has not been sent yet!

Now go into your Constant Contact account and take a look at the newsletter and send yourself a test copy. You can make updates in Shareist and update from there. If you make changes directly in Constant Contact, that's ok, but it won't be reflected back in Shareist.

Soon we'll enable advanced features like scheduling the newsletter to be sent, so you won't ever have to leave Shareist to get a newsletter published.

Also note that the content from Shareist is very plain, first so it will look good in email clients, and second so you can apply stylesheets in Constant Contact to adjust the look if you wish.

Here's the newsletter, ready to go.

That's all there is to it.

The benefit of creating content in Shareist is that it's close to where you are capturing your ideas, so you can quickly create newsletter content. Not only that, you can use the content for other purposes, like blog posts, PDFs, and ebooks. You might be reading this content in a newsletter, on the Shareist blog, or in a PDF document, created from Shareist. (See below)

PDF version

If you can't see the PDF file below, click the download link to view.

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