I Am a Horrible Blogger

My name is Scott, and I’m a horrible blogger.

And that’s ironic, because back in 2009, I won the 2009 Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Best Blogger.

The primary reason I was up for that award that year  was because back in 2008, I was writing from a place of very strong passion. At the time, the affiliate marketing industry was undergoing a number of important issues, and being someone who cares so strongly about the industry, I was quite outspoken on many of them.

My passion for the subject compensated for my lack of organization and focus. I spent a lot of time reading and thinking about the issues, and therefore content flowed.

Since then, issues waned, passion waned, other things have taken priority, and the writing has stopped. I’m a pretty good writer (or so I’ve been told), but I’m a really, really bad blogger.

Graveyards of Inspiration

I have very poor research and organizational skills. I read a lot, but I take horrible notes, and my bookmark collection is scattered across many different bookmark services. Graveyards of inspiration.

Or worse, I read something that inspires me, something that may serve to contribute to a future post, but I just let it go by without making any note of it at all. I’ll remember that. Ha!

That I’m not writing more bums me out.

Writing is such an important activity, for personal reasons, and of course for marketing purposes, building an audience, and making money.

Content marketing is a big buzzword for 2012, and it’s pretty well known that good content marketing starts with consistent publishing of content. duh.

I need a process. One that helps me not only publish and share content, but to research, discover, and collect information, thoughts, and knowledge into a place where I can distill it all into great content.

This is why I’m passionate about building a new publishing platform. It’s good to be passionate about something again.

Are you a horrible blogger too?  You want to blog more, but always fall off the wagon due to tools, process, and organization?

Stay tuned to this blog, or the Shareist mail list as we build the next great thing in content marketing.

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