Image Attribution in Shareist Pages

When posting images online, it's important to make sure you have permission, but in many cases to also give credit to the image owner. One of the oft-used requirements of Creative Commons license is attribution.

We've updated the image information so that in addition to provide a credit URL, but you can also specify the text for that link.

We've also improved the functionality with the Flickr Creative Commons image search, where we will not automatically put the correct credit URL in the image along with the Flickr username.

Here's how it works.

I add an image element, and instead of uploading an image, I click on the Flickr search and searched for "tropical island".

After choosing an image, it automatically populated the credit URL and text with the Flickr username and image page.

I added the caption. It's been a long winter here in Boston.

And here's the result.

I wish I was here.

Via - Cyber Monkey

Though unfortunately my wish didn't come true.

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