Importing into Shareist from Wordpress or Posterous

You've surely heard by now that Posterous is shutting down on April 30.

Posterous has provided a backup export that provides all your files for you in a big zip file. There are a few different ways to get at your content in this backup.

First, it is an entire web archive with index files. So you can open up the zip file, click on index.html, and view your archive right on your computer. This is great, just to get the content (text, images, videos) that you uploaded. You could even host this somewhere.

But you probably want to have the option of doing something a little more with your content.

In the archive is a file named wordpress_export_1.xml (I'm not sure if they break it into multiple files by incrementing the number for large posterous blogs. I'm guessing they do.)

You can use this file to import into a Wordpress blog. That may suit you just fine.

You can also import your content into a Shareist Notebook. Doing so, you can make your notebook public as a website, or you can connect it up to other blogs and push your content out as you see fit. You can even export it as a PDF or .mobi file.

At the very least, you'll have your stuff in a place where you can use it again someday.

Following is the simple process to import your Posterous archive, or a Wordpress export, for that matter, into a Shareist notebook.

Note that in either case, the .xml file references images that are hosted elsewhere. The import process will copy them into Shareist. The import process will not copy videos.

You'll need to do this before posterous shuts down their image server. I'm guessing they'll do this on April 30, though they haven't specified. Once they shut that down, you still have the images in a folder of your archive, but it'll be much more difficult to do something useful with them.

1. Create (or choose) a Notebook Into Which You Will Import Content

2. Select Import from the Notebook Dashboard

3. Upload the Import File

4. Wait

5. Get Notification Email

6. Publish (If you wish)

At this point, all your images and text have been added as Notebook pages.

In order to make this notebook available as a website, you'll need to turn on that option in the Notebook Settings. This requires an upgrade to at least the Basic plan.

Or you can connect up another blog like Wordpress, Tumblr, or Typepad and publish select pages there. That's free.

After doing so, you can either publish them individually, or all at once in the the Import screen by clicking the "Publish All" button.

In the following image, I've already published all the pages. There will be a Publish or Publish All button.

If you have any questions, please let us know.

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