Improve your Content Marketing Workflow with Evernote and Shareist

Integrating Evernote as Content Source Streams

Streams in Shareist are a powerful way to pull in content from other third party bookmarking tools. If your favorite bookmarking or note taking tool is Evernote we want to allow you to keep using that and integrate it into your content workflow. And you can keep using Evernote for the other great things it does.

A benefit of using the popular bookmarking tools as source streams in Shareist (rather than us developing our own) is that they're ubiquitous on our devices. Bookmark stuff with Evernote (or Pocket and other apps) on your smartphone and have that content automatically appear in Shareist.

How it Works

When you connect your Evernote account to Shareist, anything you capture into Evernote can be visible in the Research area of Shareist. From there, you can choose to add it into your Inbox, share it to social media, and use the content in pages for your blogs, email newsletters, and ebooks.

Evernote has a web clipper browser extension, integration with Skitch for capturing screenshots, and and browser and desktop interfaces for creating content. It's easy to get content into Evernote. Now it's easy to get content out of Evernote for social media and content marketing.

Setting it Up

In the Shareist Connect screen, connect Evernote by clicking the Add button.

After connecting your account, your Stream will contain content from all of your Evernote Notebooks. You can stop here and have that content available in all of your projects, or you can configure it further.

  • Click settings to choose a specific notebook for your stream instead of all notebooks.
  • Add multiple streams - You can connect Evernote more than once and make each stream be its own Evernote notebook. In the above picture, I've connected to Evernote twice, one for my clips notebook and the other for my skitch notebook.
  • Click Show/Hide in all projects to make this Stream available in all or none of your Shareist projects. This is useful if you have a lot of projects to manage. By default, new streams are visible in all projects.
  • If you have a problem with your Evernote stream, or want to remove it from Shareist, click Reconnect or Remove.

Below is the settings screen where you can select which Notebook, or all Notebooks. In the future we'll add additional options.

Configure Your Streams Per Project

Once you have your streams set up in the Connect screen, you can configure them to be available in your projects. In each project, choose the Project > Set Project Accounts menu item. From here, you can select which streams appear in that project's research tab, as well as configure the stream to automatically be imported into your Inbox.

In the above picture, I have 3 Evernote streams set up for 3 different Evernote Notebooks. I have two of them configured to show up in the current project, and one configured to import automatically.

I have a different project for a Genealogy website that has that configured to see the Evernote notebook.

Now you try

If you're an Evernote user like me, give the Shareist-Evernote integration a try. It's one more way to get your web apps tied together, making you more efficient.

And if you don't have Shareist, try it now for free.

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