How to Easily Keep Your Social Media Channels Active

Are you keeping your social channels active?

If you're like most people, probably not. That's because lots of people just do it when they can, or when they think of it. This is a recipe for failure. And at best, you're inconsistent with your sharing, and not delivering your content to all the places where your audience wants to read it.

How can Shareist Help?

Over the summer, we've been making many improvements to Shareist, creating a killer content discovery and curation process. It makes it fast and easy to set up your foundational social media sharing for the entire week in just minutes.

By foundational social media, we mean the sharing of valuable content (curation) to keep your social media channels active, and to engage with your followers and the thought leaders in your industry.

Then, use all the time you saved to create really great original content.

Here's an overview:

1. Set up Research

2. Connect Social Accounts

3. Capture Content

  • Integration with
  • RSS Feeds
  • Image Search
  • Importing content

4. Share Content

  • Advanced Share, with time slots
  • Quick Share, quickly schedule multiple items to your default accounts.

This isn't all you can do with Shareist by any means, but it's a basic social media workflow that everybody can take advantage of. After you've gone through these steps for a few weeks, you'll also have new content to deliver via blog and email, posts that you can quickly create using the same content in Shareist. But that's for another post.

The basic process is first find great content, and second share it to social media. That's easier said than done. If you don't set yourself up with a good process, these activities can consume your day, every day.

So let's talk about a process for finding and capturing great ideas, with the Shareist research process. Shareist is equipped with a number of tools for capturing ideas into the content inbox.

The research area has an RSS feed reader, a recommendation engine, and image and product searches.
You can also add content directly to the inbox with a chrome extension and bulk import tools. For example, you can import dozens of photos for sharing to social media right into the inbox.

Once you've got stuff saved in the Inbox, then you can share it.

Also, you can invite in collaborators to do just one of these tasks, like schedule to social media or capture stuff to share, find and edit images, etc.

The Process

1. Set up Research

Go into the Research tab, RSS feeds and add some content sources. As you add more content, you'll be prompted to add more RSS feeds, so it's very easy to build up your RSS list.

Once you capture a few links, Shareist will also have content recommendations for you. You can also do image searches and product searches.

2. Connect Social Media accounts

In the Shareist connect settings, you can connect Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. After connecting Facebook and LinkedIn, you will have access to any pages and groups that you manage.

3. Capture Content to the Inbox

Go to the content Inbox. This is where you capture any and all content to share. There are lots of ways to get content into the inbox:

  • Use the Research tab to find great content
  • Use the Chrome extension or bookmarklet to capture pages as you read them.
  • Enter content directly with the "Capture" button
  • Import elements in the "Import Element" tool

4. Share to Social Media

You can share content at the same time as you capture it, but if your strategy is to get out ahead and plan your social media for several days or more, you might want to do these as two separate activities.

So focus on getting content added to the inbox, then all at once and when you can look at the big picture, share a whole weeks worth of content. And with Shareist's time slots, it's very fast and efficient.

You can share elements on at a time, or several at once.

Share a single element with the "Advanced Share", you can control exactly how each share looks on each network you share to. Plus, you can control exactly when it gets shared.

Share several elements by checking them off and using the "Quick Share". This will put all the elements into your pre-defined time slots for every account that you have enabled for quick share. Manage this in the Project > Set Project Accounts.

Afterwards, you can edit each share to change the descriptions and other content that goes with it.

Repeat Every Week

Give this process a try and see if you can't get a whole week's worth of foundational content scheduled in a short session. Then spend your time for the rest of the week creating great content of your own.

Steps 1 and 2 you only really need to do once, and you'll keep adding to your RSS feeds as you go.
Steps 3 and 4 you can repeat every week. We do it on Monday morning, but you should adapt to your own schedule.

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