Make a Weekly Recap Post in 4 Easy Steps using Shareist

If you've joined us for our 28 Days to Become a Marketing Expert email course, you're probably somewhere in the middle of learning to reach your audience in a whole new way. 

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Just in case you don't want to, we're going to share one of our favorite tips with you -- because it is just that great. 

Not all of our advice requires that you use Shareist.

We know that using Shareist makes the content marketing process so much easier and faster, but you may have your reasons that you don't want to, or just aren't ready yet. That's okay.

This tip doesn't require Shareist, but if you happen to already be a member, this will be a lot easier. (If you're not, at least try the 30 days free!)

Here it is:

This stuff you've been sharing all week has been seen by some people, but not nearly as many as you can possibly reach.

Some people monitor social media. Others read blogs. Others read email. You've got to reach your audience where they are, and that's all of those places.

So let's take that same content we've been sharing all week, or just the best of it, and share it once again in a recap post, or a page that consolidates the best stuff.

You can use your analytics to find out which items were most clicked on, most shared, most retweeted, and then copy and paste them into a new blog post with excerpts and images.

If your audience is already coming to you for content, they'll appreciate this recap so much.

They're trusting you to sort out what is useful for them from around the web. You're not only doing that, but showing them what users enjoyed most. 

But that's time consuming.

Then there's the easy way: 

Creating a Recap Page in Shareist

Step 1: If you've been capturing elements, and sharing them to social media all week, your Social Reports page is full of social media shares.

Use this page to filter and sort. We view the shares from the current week, and sort them by Facebook likes.

Step 2: Select the time frame. Want to share the most popular things you've ever shared? Just last week's? A custom date? Do it.

Step 3: Now choose the order in which you'd like the elements to be- Most Facebook clicks? Most Re-tweets? You can choose to order them however you wish:

Now just select the top ten (or however many you wish). Then you can "Add Selected to a Page" You will have the option to add them to an already existing page or a new one. Add a title to a page, then a few lines as an intro, a few lines as a conclusion. Voilá. In just minutes, you have your weekly (or monthly, or lifetime) recap post. 

Once you've completed this process, you can publish the post to your Wordpress blog, then share it to all of your social media platforms.

Once you're used to it, the whole process will take you no longer than five minutes, start to finish. (Maybe seven, but only if you stop for a snack in the middle)

Or you can turn the post into a newsletter and send it to your email list. 

Or you could use this compilation as a whitepaper- just create a pdf -- all from the Shareist platform. 

Or do all those things.

Easy peasy rice and cheesy (or lemon squeezy -- depending on your preference)

Let us know how it goes! 

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  • So I have been doing things totally backwards and just realized it! Every week I bookmark things to include in a weekly wrap of news about my niche. But I never actually share them as I am bookmarking them! That makes so much more sense. I need to share on Twitter or Facebook when I bookmark. Then do my normal weekly wrapup post (which you are right only takes 5 minutes). Thanks for opening my eyes!!

  • Tricia, The best part about sharing them is that you can see which ones got the most clicks or tweets or shares... It's helpful to see what your audience responded to!

    So glad this could help!

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