Make your Content Marketing Successful with Indian Food

Mmm... Pappadom, the delicious crunchy bread they bring you at Indian restaurants. It's relevant, we promise. Read on.

Whenever we're planning a new piece of content, or an entire content campaign here at Shareist, we follow a very simple process.

We call it PPDM. (Pronounced "pappadom" just like the delicious crunchy bread!)

It takes us through the entire content marketing process and ensures that each piece of content we develop is part of a larger plan with a measurable outcome.

This the list we move through and the questions we ask ourselves:

  • Plan:
    • Person
    • Purpose
    • Prepare
  • Produce
    • Who
    • What
    • When
    • Where
  • Distribute
    • Blog
    • Primary Social
    • Secondary Social
    • Schedule
  • Measure
    • Look
    • Listen
    • Learn

The first P stands for Plan. We then refer to "The three P's of Plan"

Person: Who is the Audience you are writing to? 

Purpose: What is the purpose of this piece of content, or the content campaign? Is it to get newsletter sign ups? Is it to connect with influencers?

Prepare: Whatever the purpose for the content is, determine a measurable goal for it. Put that goal into your Google Analytics so you can determine whether the content was successful.

The Second P stands for Production. This covers the Who, What, When and Where.

Who: Who is going to write this?

What: What is will be written? A blog post? A series of posts? An infographic?

When: When is the due date for the content? (Hint: Put it in your editorial calendar in Shareist!)

Where: Where will the content go when it is complete? This has a lot to do with knowing where your audience hangs out online.

D is for Distribute. Distribute your content in the following places:

1. Your Blog. (Remember to Pay Yourself First!)

2. Primary Social Media Channels- Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, G+

3. Secondary Social Media Channels- These depend on your audience, they may apply to your demographic, or they may not:

  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Slideshare
  • YouTube

4. Schedule your strongest pieces of content out for future shares.

M stands for Measure. We believe so strongly that this one step could dramatically increase the success of your content marketing efforts! If you did things correctly during the first P (Plan) then this will be a breeze! During M, we go through the three L's:

  • Look- Look at the results. Did your content convert?
  • Listen- Did your customers respond? Did they have any questions based on your content that you could use to build new content? Were they pleased with what you produced? Maybe there's nothing to listen to, because no one responded. This is also telling.
  • Learn- Alter your strategy based on the results. What should you do again? What should you change?

So as you plan your content marketing strategy, think of Indian Bread. Not na'an, but Pappadom. Think through PPDM. It will make your content marketing delicious. 

Does it sound like a lot of work? Here are some ideas for completing your content marketing quickly. 

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