New Features: Project Notes and Automatic Twitter Mentions

Our goal is to make things easier for busy people doing content marketing, social media management, and publishing.

We've just added a few small features that might have some big impact on saving you time and effort.

Project Notes

When you're managing a team and especially a large number of clients and projects, sometimes it's difficult to keep the goals of each straight. Maybe you have a different requirement from each client on the number of social media shares you need to make per week. How do you keep them straight? You probably have a document somewhere, or a sticky note on your monitor.

We've just added a quick and easy way for you to add such notes to your project dashboard. Just edit the notes and type in anything you need as a reminder to you and your team.

Notes are visible to everyone, and editable to Managers and Administrators.

Author Mentions in Social Sharing

Social media is about connecting with others, both your customers and influencers. When you share the posts of influencers, you want them to notice. So it's a good idea to mention them in tweets. And while it's easy to quickly share someone's blog post with the bookmarklet, it's a big speedbump to have to go find their twitter handle from their website.

We've just added a "Mention" feature to the sharing process for Twitter. When you tweet out a link from Shareist, we'll show you any twitter handles we've found on that post. That gives us the author and website twitter handles to quickly add to your tweet.

People love to not only have their content shared, but be given credit. Mentioning authors will get you noticed, mentioned back, and followed. Like this...

Sorry Joshua. That's my bad. We'll get that coffee soon. On me.

Without that, we would have had to go digging for the @ripenn twitter handle to make sure we got it right. Instead, we saved a few minutes, and a big hassle.

Share a blog post to Twitter with Shareist and see what happens.

Got a Feature Request?

Is there something you wish Shareist did? The project notes feature came in as a user request and we got it in there quickly. A good idea is a good idea, and we love our customers.

Just let us know!

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