New Link Post Formats on Facebook: Big Images = Big Engagement

Recently, Facebook rolled out some changes in how they display images on link posts and ads. Most of the discussion is around the new ad format, but this is also a significant change for regular link posts to your newsfeed.

Before, when you posted to Facebook, you always got a thumbnail image on the left, with the link title and description over to the right. A few months ago, they did make the thumbnail larger, if the image was larger, going from 25/75 image to text ratio to about a 50/50 ratio.

Now, if the image is a minimum of 560x292px, you'll get this new larger size image on link posts, which will lead to more engagement.

We've just rolled out larger images on link shares. This will make your stories look even more beautiful on Facebook. The goal with this is to increase click-through rates on links as larger images are more engaging.

This change is surely related to feedback they got from people and watching how it has become a trend to post a link as an image rather than a link, and by putting the URL in the image description.

To accomplish this with Shareist, we added an option on Facebook shares to post as a link or as an image.

The downside is when those image posts get shared, they lose formatting, and different views of image posts are more or less effective than the original.

This new large-image link post will resolve a lot of that. We will be updating Shareist to help you best take advantage of these new link formats. But in the meantime, simply by making sure you choose a large enough image, you'll automatically get the bigger format on Facebook.

Tip: If you're sharing a page that doesn't have large images, you can make your own and upload it in the sharing process. I often take a screenshot, or use an image from somewhere else if I know it'll increase engagement.

If none of the images from a page are good enough, upload your own.

Bottom Line: Use bigger images in elements and pages you share to Facebook, and watch your engagement go up.

Here's how the shares of this post look on Facebook in different contexts. First, on the wall of the Shareist page, the image looks nice with the new format.

But on the page that has just the link itself, it's the older format with the thumbnail. So it varies by context. The important one, of course, is the newsfeed and wall posts.

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