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As an online marketer, you know that content marketing is important to growing your audience, improving your presence in search engines, and engaging with influencers in your space.

But when it comes down to getting it done, for most people getting started and keeping the content marketing efforts going is a major challenge. The strategies and techniques in this article can help you do all of your content marketing quickly and effectively.

  1. Grow your audience
  2. Create unique content
  3. Develop your own voice
  4. Set goals and measure success

Additionally, we're pleased to be teaming up with Prosperent to offer content marketing as a service, providing strategy and execution using the techniques included in this post. We're collecting names of people who are interested in being part of the beta group.

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Each of these strategies are great ways to do all of your content marketing quickly and effectively. Any of these can be completed without using Shareist as your curation tool, but I'm going to show you how to do them using Shareist in order to cut down on your time significantly.

1. Curate Your Past Posts into a "Guide"

Too many people publish content and never use it or promote it again, letting it fall off the bottom of their blog and leaving it to search engines to do all the work.

Do you have many product review or how-to posts that you've created over time around solving a particular problem? This is a very strong strategy for anyone who has done several how-to posts or review posts. 

1. Gather your related posts using the bookmarklet

2. Curate them into one page

3. Add content 

4. Publish to your blog

Optional to take this further: Send out as a newsletter, turn into a whitepaper, share to social media, set up targeted ads on social media to the guide

Creating a Curated Post with Shareist - YouTube

Learn how to create a post out of curated content with Shareist

2. Create a Curated Post Based on a Specific Topic:

Trying to consume content about a certain subject from the internet is like trying to take a sip of water from a fire hydrant. Readers are looking for someone to filter out the noise and feed the content to them in easily consumable portions. When you curate posts on a topic, you become the "expert" in their eyes and they tend to return to your blog or social media sites to be told which articles to pay attention to. 

1. Add articles to your inbox and tag them based on the topic

2. Search inbox by tag

3. Add selected posts to a page

4. Publish

Creating Topic-Based Curated Posts with Shareist - YouTube

Learn how to create a topic-based curated post with shareist

3. Do a Weekly Wrap Up Post from Your Most Popular Shares

You're curating and sharing content every day, and it gets seen by some of your audience who happens to see it on social media. But the collection of all this content together is itself valuable content in the form of a wrap-up post. Plus, audience members who don't follow closely on social media have missed out and will appreciate getting the best content in their inbox.

This is a perfect strategy when you know you're running out of time and you need to get a blog post out. 

1. Click the "Social" tab

2. Select "This Last Week" 

3. Select "Overall Clicks"

4. Select the top ten posts (make sure none of them are duplicates)

5. Click Add to Page button

6. Publish

Optional: Share to Social Media, turn into PDF, send out as a newsletter

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