Quick Share: How to Schedule Days of Social Media Posts with a Single Click

In a previous post we covered how to set up sharing time slots in Shareist.

Time slots make it very easy to schedule posts out to social media channels on a consistent basis.

But sometimes scheduling things one at a time can be slow, especially when you've captured or imported a whole bunch of elements to share.

Setting Up Quick Share

Quick share works in conjunction with the time slots, and will take multiple elements that are selected in the inbox and schedule them all out into the time slots for designated Quick Share accounts.

To set up Quick Share:

  1. Go to the Project > Set Project Accounts page.
  2. Configure the time slots for each social media account.
  3. Check of the Quick Share option for each account that you want to be include in the quick share.

In the following picture, I've got timeslots set for all accounts for 10am, 1pm, and 4pm. I have one account set for quick share.

Also, the "Show in this project" setting indicates which accounts show up in the sharing screens for this project.

Using Quick Share

Once you have quick share set up, now you can check off several items in the inbox, and share them all at once into your configured timeslots and quickshare accounts.

In this way, you can schedule out weeks of content into several social media accounts with a single click.

  1. Check off elements in the inbox
  2. Click "with checked..." and chose Quick share or Quick share (shuffled)
  3. Review your shares in either the Calendar or the Social > Scheduled tab.

From the calendar or social scheduled tab, you can edit the content of your shares.

Quick Share will share elements in the order in which they appear in the inbox (newest first)
Quick Share Shuffled will share them in a random order. Each account will get the same order.

Using the quick share in conjunction with the Research > RSS, Research > Recommendations, and Research > Bing Image Search allows you to capture lots of elements and then mix them up randomly.

Shuffle is particularly useful if you have a batch of links followed with a batch of images. Shuffing them will mix the links with the images rather than share all of one, then all of the other.

Or if you want to share many elements a second time, you can change up the order randomly.

Give quick share a try. Since quick share pots are always scheduled, not immediate, you can always delete them from the Social > Scheduled tab.

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