Setting up Research in Shareist

To be successful in Shareist, one of the important parts is to get your Research tab set up well.

Some of it is automatic, and you can rely just on the recommendations which will start appearing after you add a few links to your inbox.

But what might be the most powerful tool is the RSS feeds. Most people think of RSS feeds as being blogs, and blogs are a great source of content. Especially in a way that helps you stay on top of the influencers in your industry.

But you can also set up feeds for Facebook Pages, Google keyword searches, Reddit pages, and more.

Here's how to set up RSS feeds in Shareist.

When Setting Up a New Project

When you set up a new project, you're prompted for some keywords. Shareist will take those keywords and set up some default feeds: Google News Search, Google Blog Search, and Reddit pages.

If you don't like the feeds that get created automatically, you can delete them. Sometimes we enter keywords that are vague or ambiguous. You can delete them in the RSS Feeds > Manage area which we'll talk about in the next section.

Manage Feeds in Research Tab

In the Research > RSS Feeds section, there's a "Manage feeds" button that will take you to the feed management section.

From there you can add and delete feeds. 

To add feeds, choose the type of feed you want to add in the drop list. For regular blog rss feeds, just choose the first option, RSS or URL. You can enter a blog URL that has a feed and Shareist will automatically detect it if it can. Or you can enter an RSS feed.

For other types of sources, follow the instructions in the form that appears when you select it.

Note: For Facebook Pages, you need to enter the special Facebook ID for that page, not the Facebook page name.

This ID can be difficult to find, but you can get it by putting the Facebook page URL in this simple website:

Get an ID for a Facebook Page

Enter that ID for the facebook page and you'll get a feed of all the updates for that page.

To delete feeds, check the boxes next to the list of feeds on the right side and click Delete.

After adding feeds, click the "Back" button or the RSS tab at the top to go back to the feed list. It can take a few minutes for the feeds to update and become available in the feed list.

After Capturing a Link to the Inbox

When you capture a link to the inbox, you're presented with a number of options in the confirmation dialog box like share, add to page, etc. One of the options is to add the RSS feed for the website that link came from, if there's an RSS feed available.

This happens anywhere you can capture a link like in Research, the Capture button in the Inbox, and even the Bookmarklet.

From the Chrome Extension

The Shareist Chrome Extension has additional options that the bookmarklet doesn't have, one of which is the option to 'Follow RSS'.

This will simply add the RSS feed to the RSS Feeds in Research if there is one on the current page.

Use any of these methods to get your RSS Feeds set up in your Research tab and always have content available to you when you need to fill up your share schedule and editorial calendar with post ideas.

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