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Critical to any content marketing strategy is having goals and a plan to meet those goals. Then you can execute on that plan by creating content to meet the goal and measure your results.

A business goal might be to "Get newsletter signups".

A basic plan to meet that goal might be:

  1. Create a few blog posts over the next month talking about the newsletter, driving people to the newsletter signup form.
  2. Post a series of social media posts promoting the blog post.

So how do you plan this content, and measure it?

Introducing Shareist Campaigns

We're in the middle of implementing Campaigns in Shareist. We have some functionality finished and available, and some planned in the near future.

Campaigns are ways of organizing content that is shared to social media, published to a blog, email, or even exported as a PDF download.

Combined with UTM tracking in Google Analytics or any other analytics package that supports UTM tracking, you can see what activity on your website happens as a result of your content marketing efforts.

By setting up campaigns and enabling UTM tracking in Shareist, the UTM parameters will be automatically added to any URLs shared and published through Shareist.

To set up a campaign, you can either add one on the fly as you share or publish, or you can set them up in the Campaign manager.

These campaigns will then be available for you to choose from when you share to social media or publish page content.

Now, with those simple steps, all clicks through your social media, blogs, email newsletters, even PDF downloads will be tracked through Shareist in the appropriate campaign. And, the campaign will be added as a utm_campaign parameter on the click through URL if it goes to your own website that you've configured for UTM tracking in Shareist.

So now, you can get fully automated UTM tracking for your links without having to go through the Google URL builder tool!

For more information on setting up your website or blog to receive UTM tracking through Shareist links, see this post about UTM Tracking.

What's Next?

Does that sound great to you? We've got more planned for Campaigns in Shareist, like:

  • Adding campaigns to and through the editorial calendar
  • Putting elements and pages that you add to Shareist into campaigns for better organization
  • Reporting so you can see content shared and published through campaigns and how many clicks.
  • Google Analytics integration, where we'll close the loop on goals so you can see conversion data for your campaigns right in Shareist. No more digging through

So listen. here's where we need your help...

Do you use UTM tracking to track your social media and blog posts?

If so, we want to hear from you so we can best create these features. Let's talk about campaign management for content marketing and UTM tracking.

Reply to this, contact me on twitter @jangro, or email,

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