Shareist Case Study: The Be-Scene

As a self-proclaimed control freak, Shannon Bilby Vogel, says, “Shareist is making me change the way I run my business and get my hands off everything a lot more.”

Vogel, Queen Bee of The Be Scene, a social media training, consulting and management company based in Denver, has clients that include huge brands, small businesses, and many local restaurants, as well as large companies in the flooring and construction space.

She ran into Shareist Co-founder and President Scott Jangro at a conference nearly three years ago during the lunch break. After casually asking what he did and hearing his explanation of Shareist she was blown away and an immediate convert. 

“When I first heard an explanation of Shareist I was dancing in my chair with excitement,” Vogel says. “I knew that we needed something with functionality like Shareist. We were begging for it, but had no idea how it was going to happen.”

Streamlining Processes

TheBeScene is using Shareist for a variety of processes including creating content calendars for scheduling and assigning content; as a project management tool; as a content repository, for client approval and feedback on content; and for both internal communications with her team and with clients.

“The day Shareist gave me access to the beta, I also trained my Content Manager on how to use the platform,” Vogel says. “She would enter the content schedule and but as Shareist has added more features, we have started using it for everything related to content.”

Prior to using Shareist, Vogel’s team (10 contractors, which are spread out across the country) was sending an overwhelming amount of email with attachments to communicate and creating multiple spreadsheets to track projects. 

Writers would be assigned to create the content for the client. That content would be emailed to Vogel and her content manager for edits and approval. If needed, it would go back to the original author for more rewrites.  Eventually, the edited version would be sent via email to the client. Clients would make their changes and then at some point after going back-and-forth give the green light for approval. 

Subsequently, the content would be distributed across social media platforms and blogging platforms – all by logging into each account one at a time.

“It was a whole long chain and a very tedious process. There were so many versions of documents. It took so much time and there was so much room for errors and too many ways for things to get lost. It was easy for mistakes to be made. Now we don’t have that problem.”

Now with all the content and scheduling, projects in one place – Vogel says there are far fewer emails, no errors, and increased efficiency.  And all the content can be prescheduled from Shareist to be published across the desired social media and blog platforms.

Vogel considers that huge because logging in and out of various social media platforms is a disruption in the flow and disturbs the mindset of the content creators. 

Saving Money

Vogel joked that Shareist has saved her a lot money – especially on therapy and massages to combat the stress she used to have in attempting to juggle all her client’s content and social media needs. 

“In the first six months of using Shareist, I was able to cut the billing for my content manager in half.”

But those aren’t the only things she is saving money on.

“Actually, I am saving money with all of my contractors because they are more efficient now and tasks require less time,” Vogel says. “In the first six months of using Shareist, I was able to cut the billing for my content manager in half.”

This started her thinking about using the savings to hire more people, bring in more clients and offer additional services.

“We were able to hire 4 new writers. It was a nightmare with just 10 before, but now coordinating and scheduling can be done from Shareist. No more spreadsheets and overflowing inboxes. Processes are tightened up and everyone is thinking about other ways to use Shareist to change and do things better.”

Currently, all the writers that work with TheBeScene funnel all the content to Shareist; the content manager does edits and approves the copy, and then it is ready for the clients to look at and approve. 

Involving Clients 

Vogel began testing Shareist with a certain portion of her clients, by giving them access to the system and inviting them to participate in the process. She notes that very little training was required to get them up to speed and involved. 

“Clients love the flexibility, the ease of the using the system and being able to know everyone on our team and theirs is on the same page,” she says. “I love that at any point a client can log in and see the back and forth and the communication. It gives them a level of confidence in the process and they don’t have to passively wait for an email status update. They have that comfortable feeling about working with us and for me that is huge.”

One of her clients, a Las Vegas trampoline park, has access to the TheBeScene’s Shareist platform. “If something comes up, like one time Hugh Jackman took his family to the park and posed for pictures, the client can go in drop in the photos, or text them to me, and we can schedule them immediately and move the scheduled posts to another time with no problems and no confusion.”

Offering More Services

Vogel says her next primary goal is to get all the analytics tied to Shareist. She’s getting ready to roll that out this month so she can provide her clients with better analytics and reporting.  

“I used to spend hours and hours creating reports for clients in spreadsheets by pulling in metrics from all over the place. I’m not a numbers person, so this was a big headache,” Vogel says. “And truthfully, most of our clients really just want simple reporting for a bottom-line look at their performance across all of their social media. Now we are going to deliver that faster and in way that makes more sense for them.”

Vogel has other ideas for how to use Shareist in the works and says the platform has helped her grow her business and reputation with clients for delivering top-notch service.

 “Shareist is an awesome program that makes me feel super coordinated and powerful,” she said.

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