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There are some companies and agencies who manage content from a centralized location for the purpose of making it available to clients to use that content in their own marketing. They need a mechanism to capture and develop that content and then make it available for other teams to use that content for sharing and publishing.

Or sometimes you may just have content in one Project inbox that you want to use in another. For whatever reason.


  1. A company develops content and marketing materials to share with their resellers to use in their own content marketing efforts.
  2. Franchise organization with a marketing team that produces content for franchisees to use in local marketing and email campaigns.
  3. Agency that curates and develops content for their clients in a particular vertical.

A project can be configured as a Channel, where its inbox content is available to projects that subscribe to that channel.

Element content that is saved to the inbox will be available in the subscribing projects research tab, from where it can be captured to the inbox, shared to social media, or added to a page. It can also be configured to automatically copy content into the Inbox.

There are two sides to using Shareist channels, setting up the Channel project that is shared with others, and using channels in a project.

Setting Up a Project Channel

Channels are set up in the project inbox. In the inbox, you first set up a saved Segment, and then you can turn it into a channel.

Set up a segment by setting all the search and filter parameters in the inbox. Then down the lower left sidebar, click on "Save this Segment". Note: You can create a segment with nothing selected to get all elements for a channel.

Once you have the segment saved, you can click on it to view that segment in the inbox. This is a great way to have some Inbox views, like if you always look for certain types of content.

And now that you have a Segment saved, you can turn it into a channel. Click the edit button next to the name of the segment.

Click the checkbox to make the segment available as a channel. Copy the key, and don't forget to click SAVE.

This key is the channel identifier. Anybody who knows it can access your channel through Shareist. So keep it safe.

That's it for setting up the channel. Now let's use it in another project.

Using a Shareist Channel

Once you have a channel key from another Shareist project, you can load it into your Research tab in the Channels. Click on "Research" and "Shareist Channels", then manage channels.

Enter the channel key and click Add Channel.

If you check the box, you the content of the channel will go directly to your inbox. Otherwise, you can access the channel content here in the Research tab and you can act on the content individually to add it to your inbox.

Subscribed Channels appear on the right with the name of the project in parentheses.

When finished, click back on the Shareist Channels tab and you'll see the content.

With Shareist channels, you can probably come up with lots of ways to share content that you're curating, collaborate with others, and use content between projects.

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