Shareist Inbox Power Tools

The Shareist Inbox is where the action starts. And it quickly becomes a big repository of content that you can use to share to social media and add to blog posts and newsletters.

Here are a few tools and tips to get the most out of the Inbox.

Bulk Actions

You can do a number of functions on a group of elements with the checkboxes and the "With checked..." button. Here's a quick rundown.

First check one or more elements and then click the "With checked..." button.

  • Add to Page creates a quick page containing all of the elements. It's a fast way to create a page of curated content. After that, you can publish the page or edit it to add your own perspective.

  • Delete put the elements in the trash.

  • Tag new Allows you to tag multiple items. This is perfect if you've added a bunch of elements in bulk using the chrome extension, research, or element import.

  • Quick Share will take the checked elements and share them to the social accounts configured to enable quick share. The items will be scheduled in the social accounts' timeslots. View them in the Social tab to edit before they get posted. The Shuffled option will cause them to get mixed up before they're posted. That's good if you've captured a bunch of images, then links and want them to get shuffled rather than post in the order they were captured

Here's the bulk tag option, in action.

Saved Segments

Do you have filters you apply often? Maybe some specific tags, or a way to view elements with a certain keyword? You can save filter selections as segments.

Down at the lower left of the filter sidebar is the Segments section, where you can save segments and click on saved segments to access them later.

Try out these power tools in your inbox.

And if you don't have a Shareist account, try it now for free.

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