Shareist Insider #10: Shareist Updates and Maintenance.


We add new features to Shareist just about every week. Sometimes daily, it seems.

Here's quick update on what's new:

Newsletter Export Improvements

Do you use Shareist for newsletters? You may have noticed that if you cut and paste the newsletter export directly into an email without a template around it, it doesn't look great in some email clients. This is a common problem with Microsoft Outlook.

Now, when exporting a page in Newsletter format, you can choose one of a few basic templates that include a fixed-width display and a border.  This will keep your email messages tight and looking great!

Page Specific Customizations

Sometimes you just want to create a page that has zero distractions on it. Maybe it's a landing page for a campaign or a "squeeze page".

Now, with Shareist, you can choose which page components are visible on a page by page basis.  Don't want comments? turn them off.  Don't want social media buttons, author box, previous next buttons, or navigation? Now you can turn them off one-by-one on any given page.

Edit these settings in the Page Editor > Settings tab

Shareist Maintenance Planned

We have been light on updates for the past few weeks because we're working hard on some pretty major infrastructure changes. That's wrapping up now and we're planning a maintenance window very early on Monday morning, around 5am EST. Around that time, Shareist will be unavailable for approximately 30-60 minutes.


New Interface Coming

Finally, keep an eye out next week for a new and updated back-end interface for Shareist users.

And now that we'll have the infrastructure and interface updates out of the way, we'll be  cranking on even more features and improvements.

That's it for this week. As always if you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.

And if you're in the Northeast US (like us), stay safe!


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