<3 Shareist Insider #11: Tough Love

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I'm going to be honest with you.

Because I love you.

If you're a blogger or a content marketer (same thing), and your activities start with Wordpress and end with Facebook and Twitter, you're doing it wrong.

I've got nothing against Wordpress. I love Wordpress too. But your content deserves better than just a blog and few tweets and shares.

And you deserve more in a content marketing process than just opening up a text window when you need to write a blog post.

The website to where you publish your content should only be a part of a bigger content strategy.

  • Where do you capture your research and ideas? In your head?
  • Do you plan topics in advance on a calendar?
  • Do you keep track of where and when you share on social media?
  • Can you pull out your content easily to create new content? 

At Shareist, we can help you with that bigger strategy, which starts with ideas and research, includes writing and posting to a blog, and sharing to social media.

We connect you up to all the social bookmark services, blog and CMS platforms, and social networks you need to easily manage all that from one place.

But why stop there? Your content deserves to be seen. Get it out to where your audience is. So yeah, publish it on your blog and share it on social media, but also push it out to an email list. And package it up in an eBook.

Wordpress (sorry, I don't mean to pick on Wordpress. Insert any CMS here really) is fine for writing, and great for actually being a website. It's customizable, it has themes, widgets, even plugins.

But those things don't reach readers. They don't help you collect bookmarks and research.

And if you publish it on a blog only, it just falls off the bottom forever.

Put your content somewhere it can be used for multiple purposes, published and shared in many ways.

Content Marketing is a Team Sport.

In content marketing, there are idea people, researchers, writers, editors, publishers, marketers, and sales people.

Shareist has the tools that helps you and your team do all of these things. Got some writers? Invite them in and assign topics to them on a calendar.

Did I mention that you can plug Wordpress right in and keep publishing there. See, I love Wordpress too. (But with Shareist you don't even need to log into Wordpress if you don't want to. You know, if you secretly don't really love the admin part.)

A Team of One

What? You don't have a team?

You're a team of one doing all these things.

Holy crap, that makes it even more important to get your tools and process together so it's not a struggle each time it comes time to do any one of those different roles. This is why we give up on our blogs.

So whether you're a team of one or a team of many, get yourself set up with a platform that helps you do all these roles more effectively.

It's time for your content marketing efforts to grow up. There. I said it.

Content Marketing for the Rest of Us

Our goal is to make Shareist the simple and affordable content marketing platform for teams and individuals (teams of one).

In the upcoming weeks, we'll be sharing insights and tips on how to improve your content marketing efforts using Shareist's capture tools, calendar, page builder, publish and share tools, and newsletter and ebook export functionality.

Give it a look. And if you want to talk about how Shareist can amp up your content marketing, reply to this and let's talk about it.

Content Habits Podcasts

And while I've got your attention, let me tell you about something else I love: These conversations I've been having with some really smart people about content creation habits.

I'm doing a series of podcasts with successful content creators and content marketers, who share with us their own habits that contribute to their success.

So far I've interviewed a few of my man-crushes Eric Nagel and Shawn Collins. And there's more to come, I have more crushes.

Check out the Content Habits podcast series on the Shareist blog.

As always, please let me know if you have questions or feedback.

Happy Valentine's Day.


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