Shareist Insider #13: Managing writers.

If you're serious about blogging and content marketing, you've probably at least considered that you should get others involved to help you out with content.

But even after finding them, working with freelance writers and finding guest bloggers can be overwhelming. I know because I've hired many, and fired almost as many over the past 8 years.

This is not because they couldn't do a good job, but because I simply wasn't really saving any time. The time they were supposed to save me from writing was replaced by time it takes to manage them, organize the content they create, and make sure it gets published to the right place at the right time.

It really shouldn't be that way. And why do we all need to invent our own tools and process that's usually painful and tedious in the end?

Now you don't.

At Shareist, we're building in the tools and workflow to not only manage your own content efforts, but to easily manage the efforts of a team of writers.

It's as easy as this:

  1. Invite in writers to collaborate on your Shareist notebook(s)
  2. Add topics and assign them to a writer, with due dates.
  3. When complete, review and publish the content to your blogs, websites, newsletters, and ebooks.

You have total control over what content gets published and to where. Do you manage multiple blogs? No problem, you can connect them all up, publish to them without even needing to log into them separately.

I'm looking for people like you who manage writers, or want to have writers helping them with their blogging, to talk to about how we can help.

Please take just two minutes to fill out this quick survey:

==> Click here.

Or, just hit reply to this email and let's have a conversation.

You owe it to yourself to explore how you can save time by managing your writers better, or finally taking a step toward getting writers to help you out.


p.s. I'd really appreciate it if you could fill out the survey about managing writers for your content, whether you have writers or not, your feedback is important. Here it is.

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