Shareist Insider #15: New Shareist Features

Hi, and wow, I've got a lot to share with you. Some great new Shareist features. Let's get right to it...

New Faster and Easier Element Sharing Process

The biggest update this week is that we've improved the element sharing process. An element is an individual link, picture, video, tweet, block of text, etc. Lots of elements together make up a page, but they can be shared and scheduled individually as Facebook updates, tweets, etc.

When you share an element from the inbox, or in the bookmarklet process, you aren't taken away from the process that you were already in. For example, in the bookmarklet, after saving a link to an inbox, you can continue directly on to sharing and scheduling that link right in the bookmarking process. This makes Sharing faster and easier than ever.

You can post once, or keep on sharing to multiple connected social media accounts, all from this simple interface. Give it a try from the Inbox or the Bookmarklet.

Element Notes

When saving elements to your inbox via the bookmarklet or the web-based capture, sometimes you want to add some notes. These may be intended for yourself, or a team-member, or some notes that you want to use when sharing a page on social media. The notes field will be saved with the element, and is there for whatever you need it for.

Personally, I use it to put my own comments on pages that I'm going to share to Facebook, and use these notes for the comment field in the Facebook sharing process. Others use it for giving a team-member some instructions on why they are saving it, and what they expect it to be used for, like as part of a bigger page.

Meta Data on Pages

If you are publishing on a Shareist notebook as a website, you can now control the page meta data. In the page builder, in the Page Builder, Settings tab, you can now set the Meta Title, Description, and Keywords. This will override the default behavior, which is to use the page title and tags for this data.

This is important for search engine optimization.

These settings don't currently apply if you publish to an external website like Wordpress, only on a Shareist Notebook that's a website.

Upload Your Own Link and Product Images

Sometimes when you add a Link or a Product URL to Shareist, we don't get a good image from the page. Now you can upload your own image so you can get the perfect image. There are now options in the Link and Product elements.

New Shareist Homepage...Get yourself on it!

If you're reading this, you probably don't see the Shareist homepage any more. But we've updated it to better tell the story about the different things you can do with Shareist. To see it, log out of Shareist and check it out. You may learn something about Shareist that you didn't know.

There's something in it for you... we're featuring quotes from our customers like you who have unique ways of using Shareist. Further, we're putting case studies together on how people use Shareist in different ways. Would you like to have your face (and a link) on the Shareist homepage and and be eligible for us doing a case study on how you use Shareist? Give us a quote in this short survey!

Fill out the survey now!

Want to be on the homepage too? Just fill out that survey!

And as always, please let me know if you have any questions or feedback!


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