Shareist Insider #7: Live from Affiliate Summit


This week I'm in Las Vegas at Affiliate Summit West, 2013. There's a very strong theme this Summit of how to succeed for the long term as a blogger, publisher, and affiliate marketer.

I attended sessions titled "Is Bigger Always Better?" focusing on how smaller publishers can succeed and "Affiliate Strategies in a Post-Penguin World", illustrating that there's definitely a theme of helping smaller publishers rise up to be more successful.

The message: It all comes down to adding value, building a brand, and building a business for the long term by creating great content, and lots of it. See the recaps of the sessions I attended here: Affiliate Summit West 2013.

A perfect example of a small publisher who has seen some incredible success with amazing content is This blogger, Christy, got started just a few months ago, and she's already seen nearly a million visitors to her blog running on Shareist. Christy is a mom-blogger, and is very popular with the Pinterest crowd. One post got re-pinned over 330,000 times!

I've written up list of 7 points that I attribute to her success. Here's how she did it:

Read that for some inspiration, and most importantly, check out the site.


p.s. If you are at Affiliate Summit for the next few days, reply to this and let's get together to talk about Shareist and content.

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