Shareist Insider #8: Product Updates

"Beta" is an ambiguous term, but to me it marks a transition into offering a paid service. And this week we are introducing pricing plans for Shareist, which means we're officially out of Beta (in our minds anyway.)

We now have a free plan and a number of paid plans for Shareist.

If you signed up in the past few days, you are already on the new Free plan, which allows virtually all functionality that Shareist has to offer for an unlimited time. The only restriction is how many pages you can add (up to 10).

We want you to be able to experience the full set of features before deciding whether to purchase Shareist. Pricing plans start out quite low, at $10/month.

If you have been around a while, you are grandfathered in on the "Beta Plan". We appreciate your early support and feedback and we want to keep that free for you as long as we are able.

But in order for a business to remain viable, we must make money. So if you are getting value out of Shareist, I invite you to sign up for one of the paid plans.


Here's a quick update on goings on at Shareist.

Goals and Daily Recap Emails

A few weeks ago we introduced content goals in Shareist. You can set personal goals for yourself to create a certain number of pages, words, or bookmarks per day or week. We'll tell you how you're doing.

If you set a goal, we'll send you a daily recap email reminding you of your content goals. If you're serious about creating more content, set some goals as a first step to making improvements to your content habits.

You can set one or more goals for yourself on the Shareist Dashboard

Make a commitment to yourself to keep going. Give it a try.


Whenever I sit down with someone and go through Shareist, I see lightbulbs light up about the possibilities that Shareist offers in content creation and publishing. Doing that one-on-one doesn't let me reach many people.

Next week I'm planning to do some Google+ Hangouts and provide a walkthrough of Shareist and have an open Q&A session with the attendees. I'll do as many as I've got people willing to attend.

Keep an eye out for that next week. Join the Shareist Community on Google+ to be notified. I'm planning to host the first one on Monday afternoon at 1pm EST, first come first served.

Shareist Pricing

This week we've quietly rolled out monthly pricing for Shareist. This was quiet because if you're a Beta user, it doesn't affect you. We're going to keep things as they are for our valued early users for as long as we possibly can, which means a free account with more functionality than the actual "Free" plan.

Here are the pricing plans.

I wish we could provide full unlimited Shareist usage for free forever, but that's just not possible. We don't have millions in VC money to rely on, and we simply need to build a sustainable business. So of course, eventually, we want (need!) you to upgrade to a paid plan.

In the meantime, I promise you that we won't surprise you with any sudden changes to pricing that affects you. We'll keep you informed.

That said, if you'd like to support us by moving to a paid plan, I'd be ever grateful!
So here's my offer to you: If you upgrade to a paid plan the next 7 days, we'll throw in a free notebook on top of whatever plan you choose. That's a $10/mo value.
At the very least, I'm counting on you to provide feedback on the pricing. Please reply and let me know your thoughts.


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