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Today is just jam packed with news that I had to throw together a quick email to give you an update.

First, some new Shareist features, some resources, and finally, announcing the Shareist affiliate program. There's like eight things in here. Be sure to read about them all...

New Features

We've recently updated the Shareist Chrome extension so that you can now do more than just capture and share a URL. You can capture pages more quickly, add RSS feeds to the Research tab, and the most exciting feature is that you can capture one or more images off of a web page and store them in a Shareist project inbox. Read more here...

In Shareist, Streams allow you to connect third party bookmarking tools like Pocket and Delicious to pull them into Shareist for use in Social media.

The first big news is that we've added Evernote to the list of Streams that we support. You can connect Evernote in the Connect page.

We've also added a feature that allows you to configure streams to automatically send captured content directly to your inbox so you don't have to do it manually in the Research tab. Read more about that here...

Free Books

Right now, there are some new books available from some good friends of ours, Brian Carter and Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg.

And now they're free for a limited time (like a day and this week respectively). If you're a marketer or an entrepreneur, these books have great information and insight that can only help your business. Be sure to grab these books now while you can.

Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller's Guide eBook: Jeffrey Eisenberg, Bryan Eisenberg, Anthony Garcia: Kindle Store

By New York Times Bestselling Authors Bryan and Jeffrey Eisenberg with Anthony Garcia, "Buyer Legends: An Executive Storytellers Guide" describes a business process that combines the emotional power of storytelling with hard data to open new opportunities, spot gaps and optimize your sales and marketing.


First, to help you learn all about Shareist, we'll be hosting a webinar next week. Mark your calendar for next Thursday, Nov 13th. Keep an eye out in your email, in the Shareist interface, social media, and in the Shareist Customers Facebook Group (join here) for details.

Second, Learn all about starting and monetizing a blog with Ashley Rader. This is an incredible program to learn all about the techniques that Ashley has used over the past decade to build money making blogs.

We're also really excited that she's included a module on Shareist. This program is not free, and nor should it be. Ashley's got a ton of great information here for bloggers who want to earn. Check it out...


Speaking of earning, did you know that Shareist has an affiliate program? It's currently invitation only because we want to grow it slowly, and pay out well. You can earn money just by referring people to Shareist. If you have an audience of bloggers, business owners, social media managers, and/or agencies and want to learn more about it, please reply to this email and let's talk about it.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me. Just reply to this email, or hit the help button in Shareist (it's the blue question mark in the lower right.)


P.S. and seriously, join the Shareist Customer Group on Facebook. There's great people in there, and of course us to help you out.

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