Shareist Umbraco Integration

Umbraco is a popular CMS which runs on a Windows Server.

Here is how you an curate and create content in Shareist and publish it to your Umbraco CMS.

Typically we integrate with third party CMS systems through a RESTful or an XMLRPC API. Since one does not exist, we'll likely be developing an Umbraco package to make this process easy. In the meantime, there is a third party package available that will allow Shareist content to be published to an Umbraco website called CMS Import.

CMS Import is easy to install, and configure, and can automatically fetch content from an external URL on a scheduled basis. We'll be using the RSS feed implementation.

  1. Download and install the CMS Import package.
  2. Purchase, download, and install the CMS Import license
  3. Download and install the CMSImport.DataAdapters.RSS package (license is required)
  4. Configure an RSS import, and save it.
  5. Schedule saved RSS import to run every hour.

1. Install CMSimport Package

Download the CMSImport Package Installer:

CMSImport v2.5.2 Package installer

Install it into your Umbraco server in the Developer > Packages interface.

Note: CMSImport is not compatible with MSSQL Compact Edition. You need a full MSSQL or MySql database.

Once installed, you'll see CMSImport in the Developer menu.

2. Purchase a CMS Import Pro License

Purchase the license here: Purchase CMS Import Pro

Configure and download your license file.

The license file shoudl be installed in the bin directory in your Umbraco installation.

3. Download and Install the CMSImport.DataAdapters.RSS package

Down load the CMSImport.DataAdapters.RSS package here:


Install it in the Umbraco Developer Packages interface.

4. Configure an RSS Import

Use the CMS Import wizard to import an RSS feed.

The following fields are a guideline. You may need to adjust the location, and database mapping to get the content to go exactly where you want.

The RSS Feed URL is the RSS feed of your published shareist project. We will soon have a custom URL available to get your project content without making your Shareist project public.

5. Schedule Saved Import Steps

Now your website is configured to import any new content every hour.

You may want to review the data that's imported, and adjust the field mappings, locations, and the appearance of the content.

Custom CSS may be required to display the content properly.

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