Shareist Update and How to Get in on the Next Beta

The following went out to our Shareist email list earlier…

After being in a private beta test for several months now, we learned an incredible amount from the hundreds of people who have given Shareist a try.

The primary thing that we learned over this journey is that the publishing solution that we originally built for ourselves is difficult to simplify enough so that it is easy for anyone to use.

Even after stripping it down to what we thought was the bare minimum set of features, it needs to be even simpler.

Another thing that we learned is that the “curation platform” angle wasn’t quite right for us. Content curation will always be a pretty important part of of Shareist, but Shareist is bigger than that. Not only can you curate content, but you can create content. And beyond that, a big part of Shareist is the sharing of your content out to your social networks and blogs. Shareist is about content marketing.

To get there, we’re going back to the drawing board. And after our next iteration, we’re confident that Shareist will be the content marketing platform that lets you easily create great shareable content.

And it will have the tools that we’ve used over the years to make money on our own websites.

We’ve been showing some early concepts around and people are really excited about what we’re building: “This is something that doesn’t exist anywhere.”

We would like to get your input as well. We’ll give you an early look at our new ideas to get your feedback, and in return you’ll be one of the first people to have access to try it out in the next few weeks.

Interested? Please take three minutes and go to this link to answer a few questions. Also in that short survey, you can (optionally) let us know if you’d like to speak further about Shareist.

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