Shorten URLs, and Monetize, with Shareist's URL Shortener

Like most content marketing and social media posting services, we have our own url shortener. It allows us to track clicks, and otherwise give you full control over the links you post. It's called

What you might not know is that you can create short urls directly with it, and monetize those clicks.

What prompted us to open this up is that Viglink and recently partnered to automatically monetize every possible link that is created in the system. For themselves.

While they say they won't overwrite existing affiliate links, they are basically cookie stuffing on millions of links that users have posted to merchant sites on

We won't ever attempt to earn commissions on your clicks. Those are yours. And through our partnership with Prosperent, you can optionally monetize your own shortened URLs.

How it works

First, each project in Shareist has its own shortened URLs. This is so we can keep the clicks separate in the project reporting. It also allows cool stuff like campaign and affiliate tracking that is also separated by project.

Therefore, the short URL management page is in within each project in the Project > Manage Create Short URLs menu:

From there, you can shorten any URL, and you can view any URLs that have been previously shortened in Shareist, either from this page, or through the Sharing process.

You can also view the number of clicks each has received.

Soon we will allow you to edit the destination URL from here, to help clean up any mistakes or URLs that change down the road.

Automatic Affiliate Linking

If you choose, you can enable affiliate linking in your Shareist project.

From here, you can have affiliate links created automatically when people click on your short URL in two ways:

1. Affiliate Links - if you have relationships with merchants through affiliate networks or directly, you can enter in your own affiliate links here.

2. Automated Linking - Sign up for Prosperent and insert your key here. We'll automatically convert short links to any one of the more than 4500 merchants into affiliate links through Prosperent.

Be sure to check the box to automatically convert shortened links.

Set this up once, and all shortened URLs will be examined for possible conversion to affiliate links.

Use of the URL shortener requires a free Shareist account. 

Sign up now!

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