Showing and Hiding a Social Media Account from All Projects

If you manage a lot of projects, and a lot of client accounts, you may have run into the problem where if you add a new social media account, it appears in all projects in the sharing pages.

It's a hassle to go through each project and disable all the accounts, pages, groups that you don't want.

So we've added some quick links in the Connect page that allows you to quickly Hide or Show a social account in all projects.

Go to the Connect page, and hover over the account you want to change. You'll see the Hide and Show links appear.

These links will quickly hide or show that account in all projects, including any pages, groups that are in that account.

So for example, using this on a Facebook account will remove that personal profile, as well as any pages and groups from all projects.

You can then go into the specific project you want them in and add them back in.

You can do this in the Set Project Accounts page as well as the Project > Set Project Accounts menu within each project.

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