Social Media Setup Checklists

I absolutely love checklists. And Social Media. And Andrea Vahl, who makes checklists about social media. 

If you are just getting started setting up your social media presence, or if you want to make sure you are following social media best practices, take a run through these checklists.

Warning: Don't get overwhelmed. None of these details will make or break your business. They are just best practices that businesses have found produce results. 

In my opinion, every business needs to be on Facebook and Twitter. The rest depend more on your audience. You should be wherever your audience is hanging out.

Are you B2B? Spend time on LinkedIn.

Is your audience mostly women? Pay attention to Pinterest.

Don't try to be everywhere. If you don't see yourself maintaining your G+ or YouTube profiles, don't put a ton of effort into setting them up and going hard out of the gate.

Grab your name or your brand on the important ones and set up a basic profile with a picture and a description, but otherwise it's better to stay off of a social media platform than having an outdated or dead profile.

Though there is not an Instagram for business checklist, the following article gives great insight into why businesses should be on Instagram, and great examples of how businesses are using it:

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