The Shareist Quick Capture Chrome Extension

At Shareist, everything starts with content. And our goal is to help you quickly and easily capture content into the Inbox.

The Shareist Chrome extension has just been updated with some great new features to easily capture pages and now images into your inbox.

Here's what the new extension looks like, and we'll go through what you can do with it.

Project Selection

In the drop menu at the top, choose the project on which the action should work. This will default to the most recently used page.

Quick Add to Inbox

The quick add will save the current page to that project's inbox. You will be able to add notes before saving it, but otherwise, default title, image, and description will be saved from the page.

Quick Share

The quick share will do the same as quick add with the additional step of scheduling posts to the social media accounts that are configured for quick share. Like the Quick Add, you can capture notes which will be used in your social media posts, and otherwise the default image, title, and description will be used from the page.

Advanced Capture/Share

This is the original process in the bookmarklet and chrome extension, and allows you to capture the page, edit the content that's saved, and optionally share that directly to social media, or add it to a page.

Capture Images

The capture images button allows you to select one or more images on the page. Try it on a Pinterest search, it's an amazingly simple way to capture a bunch of images for sharing to social media.

After a minute or so, the images will be available in your inbox for use in sharing and creating pages.

Make URL

If you just want to make a short URL for the current page, and do nothing more with it in Shareist, you can use this option. It only gets a short link for the current page, and does not add the page to the Shareist inbox.

Short URLs that you create with this feature will benefit from the tracking functionality in shareist, specifically having links optionally turned into affiliate links automatically when they are clicked. For more information on this feature, read about the URL shortener here.

Follow RSS

This last option will quickly add the current page's RSS feed, if there is one, to your Shareist research tab for this project.

Share All the Content

Now that you've captured a bunch of images and links into the Inbox, go into the inbox and check off several images and links and share them all at once into your time slots with a click of the Quick Share button.

You can even use the Quick Share Shuffle to mix them up.

The new Chrome extension should update in your browser automatically if you already have the old one installed, or you can get it here on the bookmarklet page.

And if you don't already have a Shareist account, you can try it for free. Sign up here.

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