Tighter Integration Between Shareist and Wordpress

One of the major benefits of Shareist is that you can create pages, and publish them to different platforms.

But it kills me to hear that people then have to go into Wordpress to edit settings like featured image, SEO fields, etc.

So we've recently added some features that eliminate a bunch of those issues, to save you the hassle of having to log into multiple places.

Here are the details...

Featured Images

Featured Images have been around Wordpress for a long time, but it seems like very recently that many themes not only use them but use them in different ways. Some use it for homepage or sidebar thumbnails, others put the featured image right at the top of the post. Now, when you create a post in Shareist, you can choose how you want Shareist to treat the featured image.


This is not new, but any tags you put on the post in the settings will be added as tags on the Wordpress post.

URL Slug

By default, Wordpress uses the post title to create the URL, which gets created when the post is published from Shareist. And previously, if you wanted to change the URL, you had to log into Wordpress to change it. Now you can edit the URL in the Page Settings. This was (like most of these features) was previously only for Shareist-hosted posts. Now the URL is also used in Wordpress.

SEO Settings

It's a common SEO best practice to tailor the page meta title and description, as they are used by search engines. It's generally understood that meta keywords aren't used, but they are included too.

Now, if you populate these fields, AND you use the Yoast SEO plugin on Wordpress, Shareist will populate those fields automatically on your Wordpress post.

Yoast also has a Primary Keyword field, which we have just added to Shareist. This will populate that field in Wordpress as well. In Shareist, it can serve as a reminder of the primary keyword that your post is targeted for.

I hope you find this useful, please let us know if you have any questions about our wordpress integration.

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  • thanks Scott Jangro,
    your post is so nice.......

  • Most of the time people wish to integrate different platforms with WordPress using different utilities. Actually, they want to utilize the functionalities of both platforms. Well, the straightest way of doing is to put WordPress on your root directory and the other platform in subdirectories.

    Talking about Shareist then it’s a personal online notebook, designed to publish and share ideas & web content into the pages of this site. Whereas, WordPress is a CMS tool that bestows you an easy to use blogging platform along free large number of templates and plugins. Integration both would be so amazing. This article, significantly explain the integration process that all visitors should read once.

    well said buddy... thanks for the info.

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