Viewing History on Text Elements

You or one of your team-members made a change to some text in a page in the Shareist page builder. But what was it?

Now you can view the full edit history of Text and Plain Text elements. Whenever a change is made and saved to a text element, the previous version is saved. We've actually been saving the edit history for several months.

To view the history, click the 'view element' button for any text element. There's now a history tab to go along with other data that's stored with an element.

You can actually do quite a bit in the Element View:

  • add it to another page
  • share it to social media
  • view and make comments to share with the team.
  • view the history, social and other data about the element

Elements that are added to pages are just like elements added to the inbox. In fact, they're available in the inbox just like any other element.

The history for this element that I'm editing now looks like this. You can see each save, and who made the edit and when. Now you can make changes without fear of losing something.

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