What's the Shareist Lite Plan?

When your fully functional Shareist free trial expires after 30 days, it automatically converts to the "Lite" plan.

What's the Lite plan?

In short, it offers full functionality in Shareist except sharing to social media and publishing pages to blogs and email newsletters.

Here's what you CAN do, for free, with the Shareist Lite Plan

  • Use the bookmarklet to capture interesting content to the Shareist Inbox. Use it for a reading list and a way to organize interesting content that you find.
  • Add your own ideas to the Shareist inbox.
  • Use the Research area to get content recommendations, monitor RSS feeds, and search for images and products.
  • Create pages of content with the page builder
  • Collaborate on other users' projects. If they have a Shareist plan that allows sharing and publishing, you will be able to perform those actions in their project.

If you decide that you want to share content to your social media accounts and publish pages to your blogs, email newsletters, and PDFs, you can upgrade for as little as $10/mo.

With a pro plan and higher, you will also get additional projects and collaborators for those projects.

If you previously had a Shareist account that was downgraded to the Free plan, it has now been changed over to the "Lite" plan with lots of free content discovering and capturing and organizing goodness.

Log into your Shareist account and give it a try.

We also think you'll love the new content recommendations, image search and product search.

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