What's Your Biggest Internet Regret?

Scott Jangro, our co-founder, was a little surprised to get this question when he sat down with Jonathan Goodman of Halyard Consulting today. They had the chance to talk about content marketing, Shareist, our recent trip to Affiliate Summit, Cycling, Selfies, and more, including internet regrets.

During the interview, Scott provides insight into content marketing best practices, and how Shareist can help streamline the content marketing process. He and Jonathan dig deep into the features of Shareist that help you save time, get organized and collaborate with other people on your team.

If you've questioned how to best use Shareist to make your life easier, this is the video to watch.

Also, you'll get to hear Scott's biggest regret when it comes to the internet!

We also put this video together recently that gives an overview of content marketing and Shareist. Check it out to get a quick rundown on what Shareist has to offer. Know someone who could benefit? Share it with them!

Check out your Shareist Dashboard to check out these features and more.

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