Why Doesn't Shareist Post to Pinterest and Instagram?

People ask us all the time, why don't we allow posting to Pinterest and Instagram?

Because they don't want us to.

Neither service has made APIs publicly available that allow services like Shareist to post to them.

But how are other services allowing automated posting?

Either they have been granted special access no non-public APIs by these companies (which is frustrating), or they they have hacked around this limitation by pretending to be real people posting and pinning with real browsers.

We could do that too, but the problem is these solutions are not supported and can break at any moment. Further, if it becomes too popular and gets their attention, we could be actively blocked by these services from doing so.

We'd rather do things the right way, be good Internet citizens, and wait for a supported solution.

We continually monitor for supported solutions from social networks like these, and as soon as there is an API available, we'll get it implemented in Shareist.

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