Why Quality is (and always will be) King

This is a great interview with Sonia Simone from Copyblogger Media. (Full disclosure: I have a professional crush on Sonia).

Why Quality is King: Interview with Sonia Simone:

(Via www.blueglass.com)

[UPDATE: The above links had to be removed because the blueglass.com blog is gone, and taken over by a site pushing viruses or something unsavory. If you can find the original interview saved somewhere, please let me know, I cannot find it. Very sad.]

Read it for the whole interview, but this one part especially caught my eye in response to a question about the trends in content marketing. Sonia says…

The biggest trend I expect to see this year is one that seems negative on the surface — a proliferation of marketers jumping onto content as the “next thing,” without serious consideration for what really makes content marketing work.

That means more noise, but it also gives a real advantage to those who are willing to stand out by creating content that’s genuinely useful and interesting.

As you know, I’m particularly interested in marketers using content marketing, and particularly, particularly interested in affiliate marketers’ use of content marketing.

I see this not as a way to generate more noise (though that’s going to happen everywhere anyway), but for those who care to create quality and add value content marketing is definitely a way to cut through that noise with a solid content strategy which involves creating great content that’s easily shared.

Which actually goes to the second question in that interview, “Are infographics a fad?”

Again Sonia is right on (generally a redundant statement) — what will never be a fad is amazing information provided in a very clear, consumable, and shareable way. Infographics aren’t the only way to do that. They just happen to be a great way to do that. There are and will be others as well.

If infographics may fade as a marketing medium, it will probably be because they’re so expensive to produce.

Producing great shareable content, however, will never be just a fad.

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